Where Do Our Healthy Food Franchise Opportunities Offer the Most Promise?

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Flexible Approach

Due to our unique concept of the healthy food franchise, our store requirements are very flexible allowing you to make the most of the available space. You’ll find that our approach is perfectly suited for 500 – 1,200 sq ft, depending on if you want to also include dine-in space. In many cases, a Rush Bowls can be introduced to utilize surplus real estate not being used by a complementary neighboring concept to maximize revenue.

Acai Bowl from a healthy food franchise
Interior of a healthy food franchise

Unlimited Growth Potential: Healthy Food Franchise Opportunities

Healthy food franchise opportunities abound and have unlimited growth potential. As such, Rush Bowls can operate in almost any type of location, but especially where millennials or young professionals can be found. From colleges and universities to sports arenas, airports and malls, we’re poised to grow. In smaller footprints, our acai franchise is a perfect complement to businesses such as gyms, coffee shops and health food stores.

Simple Set Up

Simple ingredients require a simple setup. We use fresh fruits and veggies, fat-free frozen yogurts, a variety of regular and nut milks which can all be added to your bowls. This means that all you need is just blenders and a freezer to create an easy to run model that can be supported by a small staff. This flexibility allows you to avoid expensive build-outs and not having to deal with the complexities of a traditional dine-in restaurant. No ovens, no grills, just an acai business with unlimited opportunities.