Fruit and veggie blends crafted from the finest ingredients and infused with nutritious goodness.

Destination Smoothies

Find your escape.

All Destination Smoothies

Southern Lemon

222 Calories


Dark magenta smoothie flavored with strawberry, pitaya, peach, honey and much more.

Tropic Bliss

296 Calories


Strawberry, mango, and banana flavored yellow Rush Bowls smoothie.

Strawberry Sunrise

286 Calories


Rush Bowls' pink strawberry and banana flavored froyo smoothie.

Wellness Smoothies

Get back on track.

All Wellness Smoothies

Green Rx

206 Calories


Rush Bowls Green Rx smoothie with delicious flavors of avocado, spinach, pineapple and much more.

Frost Fighter

358 Calories


Our dark pink immune boosting smoothie with acai, strawberry, and raspberry flavoring.

Hangover Cure

327 Calories


Our perfect light red smoothie with antioxidants, strawberry, banana, and much more flavoring to help that hangover.

Endurance Smoothies

Super Protein

41 Grams of Protein

410 Calories


A green Rush Bowls smoothie packed with large amounts of protein.

PB Crunch

506 Calories


A light orange smoothie with graonal, peanut butter, and banana flavoring.

Peach Pump

285 Calories


Our light cream orange smoothie with peach, strawberry, banana, and vanilla flavoring.

Founder's Favorite

356 Calories


A purple smoothie with graonal, peanut butter, and banana flavoring.
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How to Enjoy Rush Bowls

Whether you drop by our Simsbury store to dine in, order for pick-up, or stay home and have it delivered to you, Rush Bowls offers the ideal way for you to enjoy your meal.