Is An Acai Bowl Franchise A Good Investment Opportunity?

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When it comes to investment opportunities in the Fast Casual industry, there is much to consider. A current trend towards healthy food has broken out on the scene – health focused Fast Casuals are now demanding $354 million annually. This trend is only expected to grow as the American consumer becomes more concerned with health, diet, and ingredients. The star of this health food craze are superfoods. The leader of the superfood craze is the tiny purple berry from the heart of the Amazon – acai. Tart and colorful, this berry packs a nutritious punch with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Incredibly versatile, acai blends extremely well, making it the perfect base for smoothie or creamy bowls.

Rush Bowls is an acai bowl franchise that is centered on this powerful berry. We understand the importance of both health and flavour. Our bowls and smoothies are naturally sweet and blended to perfection. Many other competitors add tons of sugar or artificial ingredients, but at Rush Bowls, we let the natural flavors speak for themselves. Our menu options contain no artificial ingredients or add-ins, just pure tropical fruit. Customers can also choose additional toppings like nuts for extra flavor, crunch, and protein! An investment into our franchise is an investment into health, customer happiness, and various multimillion dollar industries. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

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An Industry-Leading Healthy Food Franchise

Rush Bowls takes part in three profitable industries: the $1 trillion health food industry, $354 million health focused Fast Casual industry, and the $500 million acai berry industry. Taking full advantage of figures like these is possible as an owner of a Rush Bowls healthy food franchise . Our current owners have expressed great financial gains with their smoothie franchise and many have gone on to open multiple Rush Bowls locations. A low initial investment of $194,000 or more* allows for a quick ROI. When you buy into our healthy food franchise, you are purchasing the rights to a highly successful business. This allows you to experience the financial gains and freedom of self employment without running into any of the risks of traditional business ownership.

Acai Bowl Franchise - An Industry Leader

Rush Bowls is leading three booming industries:

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Fast Casual

bringing in $52 billion annually, Fast Casual restaurants are focused on serving quality food in a laid back environment. The flexible business plan of Rush Bowls allows for investors to choose between a full dine-in establishment or a “to-go” counter

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Health Food - Smoothie Franchise

now topping the charts at $1 TRILLION, the health food craze is here to stay! Consumers are increasingly turning away from greasy, unhealthy ingredients in favor of organic, fresh, and healthy choices

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Acai Berry

our favorite little berry, acai accounts for $500 million annually. Since 2003, imports of this Amazon berry to the United States have exploded. Refreshing and nutritious, this palm tree berry is leading the acai franchise takeover

With now over 30 locations nationally, Rush Bowls is riding on an acai berry wave of success. We are looking for business savvy, smoothie loving individuals to join our franchise. Our promise is success and we follow through with an incredible business model.

The Acai Way

When it comes to our acai bowl franchise, business has never been made easier. Unlike other Fast Casual restaurants that require expensive kitchen equipment, all you need to run your very own Rush Bowls franchise is a few blenders and a freezer! Our current Smoothie Franchise Owners went absolutely wild over our low investment cost and reached ROI within their first year of business. Ongoing corporate support sweetens the deal – from marketing to training and operations, we’ve got you covered. Rush Bowls is the ultimate franchise opportunity.

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