Incredible Potential

In a rapidly growing market

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The Numbers




Franchise Fee



$222,500 or more

Initial Investment

Within the healthy fast casual space, Rush Bowls is positioned for continual expansion and explosive growth in the years to come.

The Rush Bowls Business Model

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SIMPLICITY of Operations

  • Few moving parts
  • Easy-to-train staff
  • Repeat customers
  • Rush Bowls provides a sound business model for each and every acai bowl franchise owner.
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  • Non-exclusive supply
  • 5% royalty
  • Easy access
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  • Site? 500-1200 s/f
  • Where? Schools, hospitals, pedestrian hubs
  • When? Flexible hours of operations
  • Stats From The Industry

    According to a recent Global Health and Wellness Food Industry Report, the Better-For-You (BFI) food segment in the USA had revenues of $221.2 billion in 2020, a 28.94% share of the global market.

    A little more than half of Americans say that convenience has an important impact on their decision to buy foods and beverages, per an International Food Information Council Survey. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of all cases of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes could be prevented if people ate healthier, were more physically active and stopped using tobacco.

    Exploding Demand

    "Fast Casual" is changing the way we eat. Fast casual restaurants straddle the line between traditional, counter-service fast food and casual dining establishments with table service. They have many elements that make fast food appealing, such as immediate service, take-out or eat-in options and low prices, but fast casual restaurants have features that set them apart. The key trend at fast casual restaurants is transparency in ingredients, a desire to be more socially responsible and a commitment to source local food whenever possible. The fast casual industry has enjoyed explosive growth over the past several years, projected to reach a $52 trillion dollar industry, according to Technnomic.

    Healthy fast casual is a segment that accounts for over $384 billion in sales, and there is growing interest in trendy health-based diets, from veganism to the Paleo diet. "Younger consumers eat out a lot, and they don't want to feel bad about their choices every day," said Kelly Weikel, senior consumer research manager at Technomic Inc., a food industry consulting firm. "Eating healthy is also appealing for boomers. When they eat out, they go for a little bit healthier because they are trying to preserve their vitality." The Rush Bowls acai franchise sits neatly in this segment, and offers you the opportunity to enter this market with an appealing brand identity and a delicious product.

    "Holy wow so freakin' good!!! I inhaled entire bowl in less than five minutes. It was undoubtedly, the best Acai bowl I have ever enjoyed."


    "My friend and I came here at 9am on a Saturday morning before hiking at the flat irons. I highly recommend the berry graham bowl. It is so delicious and tasty!!! A perfect refreshing breakfast! I wish I could eat one everyday. Please open a location in Houston, TX I will be your best customer and am interested in investing in a franchise!"


    "Like a smoothie, but also like granola and yogurt a Rush Bowl is the perfect combination of blended fruit, granola and honey. It is a delicious treat that I get absurd cravings for at random times. My favorite is the lemon squeeze bowl."


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