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There is an incredible demand for high-quality, affordable, fast, healthy and delicious food. That’s why we continue to experience impressive financial performance. The world needs healthier food than ever before. Our goal is to provide all major markets and communities with a Rush Bowls as quickly as possible, while maintaining a healthy and strategic growth rate.

In order to replicate the success we have seen with Rush Bowls in our current markets, we need partners who deeply care about their business. We need people who are passionate about providing a high-quality product and have the ability to execute our business model. Franchising our acai bowl business ensures that we protect the quality of our brand and product, while simultaneously growing Rush Bowls into new markets in a way that allows you to have less risk and greater chance of success.

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30% of all restaurants in the United States are Fast Casual franchises. There are nearly 800,000 franchise businesses in the U.S. Franchising might be the most proven model of business in history.

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According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, less than 10% of all franchise outlets fail annually. The franchising industry has created over 21 million jobs in the United States.

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The total GDP generated by the franchise industry will reach $552 billion, up from $523 billion in 2016. The franchising industry has shown consistent growth, even during the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

Why Rush Bowls?

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Surging Industry

Rush Bowls taps into three industries; The $1 TRILLION health food industry; $500 MILLION acai berry industry and the $384 MILLION health-focused fast casual industries.

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Strong Economics

By combining a uniquely delicious and healthy product, with an incredibly efficient business model focusing on low overhead, you'll have yourself one healthy bottom line.

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Simple Operation

A concept without hoods, ovens or grills; just blenders and a freezer! You can enjoy the revenues and stability of the restaurant business, without the headaches!

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Outstanding Support

We invested in an experienced team of franchise support professionals, offering an unparalleled guide to ensure our franchise owners are successful. We have a full team ready to support your growth.

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Flexible Footprint

You don't have the expensive build-outs, the high overhead or have to deal with the complexities of a traditional dine-in restaurant. Our model is simple to setup, easy to run and can be supported by a small staff.

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Low Cost Investment

Many fast-casual franchise initial investments range between $500,000 to $1 million. With our healthy food franchise, your initial investment will be significantly less; on average, between $222,500 or more.

Reinventing Fast Casual

As consumer demand for acai bowls continues to surge, Rush Bowls is providing the supply by partnering with health-conscious entrepreneurs in markets across the country. Since 2004, Rush Bowls has been offering healthy and delicious bowls from all natural ingredients featuring fresh fruit topped with granola and honey.

Learn a little more about why the Rush Bowls healthy food franchise opportunity is one of the most exciting on the planet right now.

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We Blend Two Segments

Our acai bowl business is perfectly situated at the crossroads of two growing industries: the health foods industry and the fast casual dining industry. Rush Bowls’ loyal fan base is rapidly growing, as consumers in both markets search for that perfect meal on-the-go that will let them feel good about the food they fuel themselves with.

The popularity of chains that offer quick yet healthy meals is driven by millennials who grew up watching the Food Network and aging baby boomers who want to maintain their health.

“Younger consumers eat out a lot, and they don’t want to feel bad about their choices every day,” said Kelly Weikel, senior consumer research manager at Technomic, a food industry consulting firm. “Eating healthy is also appealing for boomers. When they eat out, they go for a little bit healthier because they are trying to preserve their vitality.”

We have spent years interacting with and happily serving the elusive demographic of 18–28 that consumes more fast casual food than most. Simply put, we get them and they get us.

We’ve worked hard to create an innovative and welcoming space for people who seek to thrive… from their life experiences to their social circles to what they put in their bodies.

Simple and Scalable

Our lower initial investment, simple operation and strong unit economics also allows our franchise owners the ability to more easily open more locations. In fact, we have already sold out territory in Denver and Nashville. We are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on this industry and help us becoming the dominant national brand in this space.

Check out the video to learn a little more about us.

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