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A Rush Bowl combines fresh fruit and all-natural ingredients into a meal that is fulfilling, highly nutritious and is delicious. Since 2004 through today–and through the COVID pandemic–we have emphasized the need for all citizens to take care of themselves and turn to more nutritious foods. The Rush Bowls menu is filled with craveable, healthy items that keep our customers very loyal!

Depending on the location’s particulars like city, size and condition, the cost to open a Rush Bowls that’s about 1000 s/f will cost about $199,800 or more*; additional funds may be necessary depending on individual circumstances. This budget includes the single unit franchise fee; all furniture, fixtures, and equipment; some buildout costs, on-site training expenses, and store opening.
Single units are $45k; second stores are $25k; third and any additional units are $10k ea.
There is a monthly royalty equal to 6% of gross sales. The fee entitles you to continued use of the Rush Bowls brand and trademarks, access to our operating systems, product development, business consulting and other benefits the come with being a Franchise Owner.
Our stores are designed for sites between 500-1200 s/f, dine in or take-out. In many cases, a Rush Bowls can be introduced to utilize surplus space not needed by an existing concept to maximize revenue. We thrive in locations where there is an active and health-conscious population, particularly near schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and pedestrian transit hubs.
The Rush Bowls Franchise Development Team will coach you through the Approval Process (takes about 45 days), then the Support Team will guide you through all phases of construction, necessary purchasing and training (about 6-9 months). We have a comprehensive and structured program to ensure the process, from finding the perfect location to grand opening preparations, is as flawless as possible.
No restaurant or food service experience is necessary to be approved for a franchise, although it is looked upon favorably. Our business model is based on simplicity - only a few moving parts, minimal operational challenges and easy to train staff. Owner(s) responsibilities include scheduling, ingredient ordering and marketing plan implementation. They must be willing to work hard, have strong business management skills, project a positive attitude, maintain a passion for healthy living, have a strong commitment to excellent customer service, be a team player, and have the drive to succeed and control their financial future.
From the time you are recognized as a franchise owner, the Support Team works with you to accomplish all major steps; site selection, design, construction, training and franchise launch. Once open, the Support Team provides 24/7 operational support. We're also available to conduct ongoing training programs as needed to ensure your success.
During the last decade, people throughout the world have become more self-aware about the importance of health and wellness. To put things into perspective, health and wellness are generally described as processes that an individual follows to achieve top mental health and physical wellbeing. The industry of wellness in 2020 generated $639 billion, growing double the rate than the tourism sector and surpassing all other key sectors in the health and wellness industry.
The Rush Bowls business model does not necessitate franchise owners be in their stores full-time. The simplicity of our business model coupled with technology, allows owners to maintain primary careers, if desired.

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