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Single units are $39,000; a three-store agreement is $79,000; a five-store agreement is $99,000.

Franchise fee will be reduced by 10% for Active Duty Military and Veterans.

There is a weekly royalty equal to 6% of gross sales. This fee entitles you to continued use of the Rush Bowls brand and trademarks, access to our operating systems, product development, business consulting, and other benefits of being a Franchise Owner.

We also collect a weekly Brand Marketing contribution equal to 2% of gross sales. These contributions fund brand-level marketing initiatives such as content creation, SEO/website management, graphic design, and global promotions.

Our stores are designed for sites between 750-1300 s/f. Our store layouts are very modular and can fit in various locations (kiosks, food halls, etc.). We thrive in areas with an active and health-conscious population, particularly near schools, hospitals, gyms/fitness centers, residential neighborhoods, and pedestrian transit hubs.
The Rush Bowls Franchise Development team will coach and support you through the due diligence and approval process (which takes about 30 days). Once you are officially part of the Rush Bowls family, the Support Team will guide you through the entire New Restaurant Opening process. This includes support throughout all phases of store construction, store design, and equipment ordering, as well as an in-person training program at your store location. We have a comprehensive and structured regimen to ensure the process, from finding the ideal location to grand opening preparations, is as flawless as possible.
No restaurant or food service experience is necessary to be approved for a franchise, although it is looked upon favorably. Our business model is based on simplicity - only a few moving parts, minimal operational challenges, and easy-to-train staff. An Owner’s responsibilities include scheduling, ingredient ordering, and marketing strategy implementation. They must be willing to work hard, have strong business management skills, project a positive attitude, maintain a passion for healthy living, have a strong commitment to excellent customer service, be a team player, and have the drive to succeed and control their financial future.
From the time you are recognized as a franchise owner, our dedicated support staff stands ready to provide support and assistance throughout the entire process. We offer guidance through all the major steps, from site selection, design, construction, and training, leading you to the franchise launch. Our support does not end there. Whether it be operations or marketing support, our experienced team is dedicated to your long-term success. In addition to our onsite training program for you and your initial staff, we are available to provide ongoing training programs as needed upon request to ensure peak performance.
GWI’s 2023 Global Wellness Economy Monitor report reveals a wellness market surging post-pandemic: growing 12% annually since 2020, setting a new record value and forecast to grow another 52% by 2027.(1) With the demand for healthy food and convenience higher than ever, Rush Bowls is positioned to fulfill the needs of consumers across the nation.
At Rush Bowls, our business operations are designed to grant franchise owners flexibility in their presence in the store. With our simple operations and streamlined training procedures, only a small, skilled team of 1-3 members is needed to keep operations running smoothly. This means franchisees aren't tied down to their stores, allowing them to pursue their primary careers if they wish. This flexibility exemplifies the effectiveness of our business model, enabling entrepreneurs to balance their Rush Bowls venture with other career aspirations.

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