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Approval Process

If you are serious about becoming a Rush Bowls franchise owner, here are the steps we invite you to take to fully understand what a great opportunity this could be for you and your family or business partners.

1. Request Information

Simply submit your contact information in the Ready to Start? section, below. We will send you ownership information, including capital requirements, management options and territory availability.

2. Initial Call

We would like to know more about you, your career highlights and your interest in Rush Bowls. We will also discuss the role of our Support Teams in helping owners reach their goals and financial requirements for approval.


We encourage candidates to consult with legal counsel when evaluating our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). We can review more of the finer details involved with owning a Rush Bowls franchise, and discuss the critical factors for success.


We can take a deep dive into store economics, marketing plans and daily responsibilities.

5. Talking With Owners

Current owners know how valuable their Rush Bowls insights can be. We will give you easy access to our franchise owners, so that they can share with you their experiences and help answer any questions that you may have.

6. Executive Interview

We will schedule a conversation with the Rush Bowls Executive Team, where afterwards, we will make a final determination on your application.

7. Meet the Support Team

If approved, you’ll meet the New Store Opening (NSO) team and establish a timeline to open your new Rush Bowls franchise!

8. Franchise Awarded

We’ll draft documents for signatures and begin the new location publicity campaign. Congratulations!

Rush Bowls has experienced tremendous growth since 2015. Click on this link for store locations and territory availability.