Benefits Of Self-Employment
With A Franchise

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When the mundane schedule of 9-to-5 becomes unbearable, many individuals turn to self-employment. But a more flexible schedule isn’t the only thing that entrepreneurship brings — those pursuing a career based on their own interests are more likely to find fulfillment in the work they do.

What Are The Benefits Of Self-Employment?

Have you been searching for an alternative to the traditional workforce? Moving on from the strain of corporate America can bring many benefits and advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of self-employment:

While the hierarchical environment of the corporate world is not anything new, many individuals have difficulties working under the guidance of their boss. If you’re someone who craves independence in the workplace, become your own boss! You make the rules, decide how business should be run and put your ideas to the test.

Entrepreneurs are not restricted by salary caps or hourly wages. Those who are self-employed are only restricted by their own ability. When you own your business, the amount of profit you bring depends on how hard you work.

A 9-to-5 schedule is not only mundane, it’s nearly impossible to uphold. Finding the time to fit in personal and family time, hobbies and errands is difficult when most of your schedule is dominated by working hours. One of the key benefits of self-employment is greater control over one’s schedule, which allows for a positive work-life balance.

While promotions can expand roles and capabilities, entrepreneurship is where real professional development occurs. Those in charge of their own career face many challenges helping shape them into well-rounded professionals. Learning how to run a business, leadership and facing tough decisions are the career milestones entrepreneurs must face.

Taking charge of your career and pursuing a field that you enjoy are the first two steps to finding fulfillment in your professional life. Those that are self-employed are more likely to experience joy in their work.

One of the benefits of self-employment that often goes unseen is safety during recessions. A fluctuating economy means that recession is inevitable. And when recession comes, the workforce faces layoffs. Those that are self-employed are less vulnerable to unemployment.

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Become Self-Employed With Our Smoothie Franchise

Existing in three multi-billion dollar industries, Rush Bowls is a smoothie bowl franchise opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. While many industries may fall during the global health pandemic, businesses like Rush Bowls and other health food companies will see gains as consumer concerns over health are now of immediate importance.

While we can’t promise to be a recession-proof franchise — no industry is — we believe the health food industry can thrive in this pandemic-induced recession.

The Strong Benefits of Self-Employment in Franchising with Rush Bowls:

Rush Bowls provides many benefits of self-employment, such as a suerging industry.

Surging Industry

Rush Bowls taps into three industries: The $1 Trillion* health food industry, the $722 million acai berry industry and the $384 million health-focused fast-casual industries.

Rush Bowls provides many benefits of self-employment, such as strong economics.

Strong Economics

By combining a uniquely delicious and healthy product with an incredibly efficient business model focusing on low overhead, you'll have yourself one healthy bottom line.

Rush Bowls provides many benefits of self-employment, such as a simple operation.

Simple Operation

A concept without hoods, ovens or grills — just blenders and a freezer! Enjoy the revenues and stability of the restaurant business, without the headaches!

Rush Bowls provides many benefits of self-employment, such as outstanding support.

Outstanding Support

We’ve invested in an experienced team of franchise support professionals, offering an unparalleled guide to ensure our smoothie bowl franchise owners are successful. We have a full team ready to support your growth.

Rush Bowls provides many benefits of self-employment, such as a flexible footprint.

Flexible Footprint

You don't have the expensive build-outs, high overhead or the complexities of a traditional dine-in restaurant. Our model is simple to set up, easy to run and can be supported by a small staff.

Rush Bowls provides many benefits of self-employment, such as a low-cost investment.

Low-Cost Investment

Many fast-casual franchise initial investments range between $500,000 to $1 million*. With our healthy food franchise, your initial investment will be significantly less: on average, $194,000 or more*.

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

Reap The Benefits Of An Organic Food Franchise Career

Purchasing a Rush Bowls location teaches you all there is to know about the world of business. Before you even have your grand opening, we will train and prepare you to develop your staff. We will assist you with marketing and operations and offer ongoing support to ensure your success. You will grow as a professional and be prepared for whatever future endeavors you take on like multiple locations, new business ideas, business coaching or early retirement.

Many people become stagnant in a traditional career because their position limits their growth. As an owner of a Rush Bowls organic food franchise location, your ability to grow as a professional is exponential.

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Rush Bowls's franchising benefits of self-employment are countless.

Rush Bowls Could Be The Right Fit For You!

With now 15 years of experience, Rush Bowls has managed to cultivate a fiercely loyal following. Through perfecting the menu and proprietary recipes, processes, vendor relations and marketing practices we have developed a prosperous acai bowl business model. Specific visions guide our organic food franchise and the entrepreneurs with whom we want to partner in order to drive continued success.

If you’re interested in healthy eating and the professional benefits of self-employment, Rush Bowls is the smoothie franchise opportunity you have been waiting for. Join today!