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One common concern when weighing franchises is how comfortably you can retire from a career as a Franchise Owner. Frequently, business professionals are ready for a significant career change in the later years of their careers. With years of experience and knowledge on their side, becoming a Franchise Owner can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity.

While the idea of becoming a Franchise Owner is attractive to many business–minded individuals, it can also feel uncertain. Especially for those who plan to retire relatively soon, setting yourself up for a stress–free and comfortable retirement is of the utmost importance. Keep these facts and considerations in mind as you honor your desire to work toward retirement.

Our High Tide bowl is always a hit for customers.

Franchising Profitability

On average, one of the pros of owning a franchise is that it offers a better chance of profitability than starting a business from scratch. The US Department of Commerce reports that less than 10% of franchise outlets fail annually—an extremely low percentage. Why? Starting a business from scratch may require years of trial and error to create the right marketing plan and business strategy and build a customer base. On the other hand, partnering with the right franchise means all that work has been done. No need to reinvent the wheel, test and retest marketing tactics, or establish an entirely new brand.

When time is of the essence because retirement is fast on the horizon, leveraging the tools and support available through becoming a Franchise Owner is key. The next step is determining which franchise will help you meet your goals and put you on the right path to retirement.

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Specific franchise pros and cons will largely depend on the industry under which the franchise falls. Some franchises are much more successful than others. While some elements of success come down to marketing and business strategy, the industry and the product are influential factors.

For this reason, becoming a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls is particularly attractive for those working toward retirement. This franchise falls under three extremely popular industry umbrellas: the $1 trillion health food industry, the $500 million acai berry industry , and the $384 million health–focused fast casual industry. These industries show no signs of slowing down, which makes becoming a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Business Model

Protecting your schedule and free time is crucial as you prepare for retirement. While being self–employed typically allows for more flexibility, the amount of flexibility largely depends on the business model. For example, some business models require significant investments for complex operations and huge sites, and some require hands–on oversight from Franchise Owners.

With Rush Bowls, part of the magic lies in the business model . Our simple model has few moving parts and very flexible options in terms of sites so Franchise Owners can get up and running seamlessly. Sites can range from 500 to 1200 square feet, and instead of requiring hoods, ovens, grills and more like many food franchises do, all that Rush Bowls needs are freezers and blenders! Our operations and training are as smooth as our bowls, making your life simpler.

Another unique franchise pro of Rush Bowls is that Franchise Owners can choose to run on a semi–absentee model. This model can allow you to run multiple locations, continue work part–time elsewhere, pursue passion projects, or simply ease into retirement and spend time with family while still putting money away for a time when you decide to retire fully.

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Healthy Variety

smoothie franchise

Fruit & Veggie Loaded

Our bowls are all one of a kind, packed with fruits, veggies and unique combinations of delicious ingredients in order to highlight the essential superfoods.

healthy franchise

Nutritious & Low Calorie

Far healthier than the traditional fast casual meal that usually comes with french fries, Rush Bowls can include optional protein AND are low in calories and fat content.

smoothie bowl franchise

Product Variety

Our customers love acai bowls, but they also love variety. Out of our 13+ different bowl options available on our menu, 3 are acai. We also offer 11+ smoothie options.

Our yummy fruit bowls support a healthy lifestyle - and our corporate team will support the growth of your franchise!

Support Rush Bowls Franchise Pros

A final important consideration when deciding which franchise opportunity to pursue is learning what support is available for Franchise Owners. By investing in a full team of experienced franchise support professionals, Rush Bowls sets Franchise Owners up for success. This way, you’re on the most direct path to a comfortable retirement.

With explosive industry demand, a flexible and straightforward business model, and top–notch ongoing support, Rush Bowls allows Franchise Owners to pursue their retirement goals confidently . Inquire to learn more!

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