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When Rush Bowls first opened its doors in 2004, the setting for success was there - growing demand for healthy food, a booming $500 million Acai Industry, an expanding Fast Casual dining scene. Founder Andrew Pudalov had no idea just how successful his acai bowl franchise would end up being, however.

2019 - A Year to Celebrate

During the early years of business, Pudalov spent his time perfecting his product at his original location. When profits kept rolling in, even as competitors failed, he knew it was time to expand in a big way. Pudalov opened Rush Bowls to franchising in 2016 and awarded 83 locations in 2 years.

During this time, Pudalov worked hard to refine the Rush Bowls franchise program. His efforts paid off in a big way last year, with new locations opening their doors in Portland, Oregon; Charleston, South Carolina; Washington D.C.; and others!

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smoothie franchise

Taking Off in 2020

If last year was something to brag about, this year is expected to make history. Rush Bowls rang in 2020 with a brand new opening in Detroit, Michigan on January 6. “We are thrilled with the accomplishments we’ve made in 2019 and look forward to reaching new heights in 2020,” commented Pudalov on the most recent grand opening.

Rush Bowls smoothie franchise currently has over 30 open and operating locations, with over 100 awarded franchises in the works. As more doors open this year, Pudalov is looking forward to expanding into new areas, like airports. He also has his eyes set on international expansion!

Jump on the opportunity today: If you’re passionate about acai and healthy food choices like Pudalov, you’ve got a chance to join in his ever expanding smoothie franchise opportunity.

The Rush Bowls Smoothie Franchise Program is Defined by:

Powerful Industries

In addition to the Acai Industry, Rush Bowls is also part of the $1 trillion Health Food Industry and the $384 million Health-Focused Fast Casual Industry.

Strong Economics

What does it mean to be at the center of 3 surging industries? The opportunity to make a lot of profit! Our AUV is something we’re proud of, which a look at our FDD will show you.

Simple, Scalable Operations

All you need to operate your Rush Bowls smoothie franchise is a few blenders and a freezer! With such simple operations, scaling into multiple locations has never been easier.

Outstanding Support

We didn’t invest so much time into building a successful franchise just to dump it into the laps of our Franchise Owners with no direction. When you invest into Rush Bowls, you’re part of the team and we offer assistance in everything from marketing to operations to help you succeed.

Low Startup Costs

While other fast casual restaurants may have you looking at a price tag of a million dollars, Rush Bowls presents an industry-low startup cost. An average range of $194,000 - $556,500* covers everything you need to get started.

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