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How to Become a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

Posted on Sep 19th 2023


How to Become a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

For some, the journey of becoming a Franchise Owner is sufficiently exciting, challenging and lucrative. For others — especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit or who already have experience in the franchise world — expansion and continuous growth is the goal. If growth and influence are among your top priorities as a Franchise Owner, looking into multi-unit franchise sales could make an excellent next step in your career.

What is Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership?

When one Franchise Owner can own and operate more than one franchise location or unit, this is called a multi-unit franchise. Usually, a Franchise Owner will seek out a multi-unit franchise for sale within their region of choice or add on additional units once their first unit is established and running smoothly. This pathway to growth is a top option for ambitious entrepreneurs and Franchise Owners who are ready to take the next step.

Benefits of Becoming a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

Exploring multi-unit franchise sales and operating more than one unit offers many benefits to Franchise Owners and their communities, including:

  • Consistency of service. With one Franchise Owner operating many locations in a particular region, customers can come to trust that they will enjoy a consistent experience no matter which store they stop at.
  • Brand recognition. Opening additional units in one community allows more visibility and recognition, boosting the marketing efforts of all locations.
  • Multiple profit streams. Instead of relying on the profit margins at one location, Franchise Owners with multiple units enjoy the added stability of multiple profit streams.
  • Reduced costs per unit. Instead of purchasing duplicate supplies or multiplying marketing spending with each unit, multi-unit Franchise Owners can may be able to leverage some of the staff and purchases from one store for use in additional units, decreasing overall costs.
  • Increased efficiency. Running multiple units allows Franchise Owners to streamline various aspects of their operations, increasing efficiency of marketing, supply chain and customer satisfaction processes.
A delicious and healthy smoothie bowl served at Rush Bowls locations.
Find a Multi-Unit Franchise for Sale

In seeking out a multi-unit franchise for sale, it’s important to consider the business model and the market details of each available option. Consider the following elements as you decide your next steps for multi-unit franchise ownership.

  • Business model: In searching for a multi-unit franchise for sale, a semi-absentee model should be a top requirement. Working with a semi-absentee business model allows Franchise Owners to hire managers at each location who can oversee daily needs and keep operations running smoothly. Franchise Owners can operate behind the scenes to foster business growth and focus on the larger decisions at hand.
  • Market demand: Becoming a multi-unit Franchise Owner comes with a considerable amount of financial risk, so entering an industry with reliable demand is crucial. Rush Bowls falls within the intersection of the $1 trillion health food industry, the $500 million acai berry industry, and the $384 health-focused fast-casual industry.
  • Overhead: Especially in the food industry, the cost of real estate and other overhead can eat up considerable profits. On the other hand, each Rush Bowls can operate with a small footprint and minimal equipment. Instead of full ovens or hoods, Rush Bowls locations simply need freezers and blenders! This allows for more flexibility and reduced costs.
  • Support and training: Even those who have been Franchise Owners for years don’t have all the answers. Investing in a franchise where you know you’ll be thoroughly trained and supported is crucial to your confidence and fulfillment. Rush Bowls offers in-depth training and continued assistance for all Franchise Owners.

With a semi-absentee model, a flexible footprint, and booming demand, Rush Bowls is among the most exciting multi-unit franchises for sale. Inquire to learn more!

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