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“Are Franchise Owners really entrepreneurs?”

Definitely. An entrepreneur is someone who operates a business, employing various creative strategies to maintain profitability and connection to their client base, and Franchise Owners do all of those things. The primary difference between franchising and other forms of entrepreneurship is that instead of starting a business from scratch, Franchise Owners partner with an established company to open a location modeled after an existing structure.

Different franchise entrepreneurship examples will involve different levels of individuality and creativity, but in general, Franchise Owners assume the risks of other entrepreneurial ventures but with the foundational support of a proven system. Not all franchises have the same expectations, but with Rush Bowls, we hope that you’ll bring all of your passion, creativity and individuality into your franchise!

Franchise entrepreneurship examples with Rush Bowls.

What Are The Benefits Of Franchising Compared To Other Forms Of Self-Employment?

Franchising offers an opportunity not just for a career change, but also a complete change of lifestyle. Many people look into franchise entrepreneurship examples because they want opportunities to re-prioritize how they spend most of their waking hours. Some choose to franchise with a company that provides a product or service they are passionate about. Others hope to find greater financial opportunities for growth, free of the schedules and limitations of other corporate jobs. Many hope to find greater freedom in their schedules so that they can spend more time with their family and friends or in pursuing hobbies. It could also be that you see a lack of something in your community and you want to help fill a need. Whatever your reason, franchising is a career option that takes both passion and dedication.

What kinds of franchise models are there?

There are a wide variety of ways in which Owners manage their franchises. Many owners will shift between models depending on how long their business has been in operation, or choose to run their franchise based on the goals they have for their venture.

Popular franchise entrepreneurship examples include:

Master franchise opportunities.

Master franchise

Master franchise owners are given the rights by their franchise to develop multiple stores concurrently within a region. This model requires a high level of initial investment in both time and money and has higher associated risk, but can also yield greater overall rewards with time. Some choose to negotiate multiple franchises at once, while others will open a single franchise to get acclimated to a business before venturing into further stores.

Semi-absentee entrepreneurship with Rush Bowls.


The semi-absentee model involves a high rate of flexibility for Owners who would like to have some connection to their clients and staff but don’t want to work full-time on-site. Semi-absentee Owners work part-time hours on a schedule that meets their needs and allows them to either maintain other properties, continue employment elsewhere, or fulfill other responsibilities.

Owner opperated franchise with Rush Bowls.


As an owner-operator, a Franchise Owner plays a very hands-on role with the daily operations of a business, working full time themselves. Owner-operators are able to increase their profits by reducing staffing needs, and are able to develop direct connections to their client base, which can help increase the viability of a location.

Turnkey franchise entrepreneurship examples with Rush Bowls.


In a turnkey franchise, the Franchise Owner spends very little time on site, and instead turns over the majority of operations to other employees.

What Makes Rush Bowls A Good Self-employment Opportunity?

Rush Bowls has a proven track record of success within the ever-growing health and wellness fast-casual dining industry. Since our first store opened in 2004, we have expanded across the United States.

Even during the heart of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we were able to maintain our business, especially as the market has grown more health and cost-conscious. Our model is an excellent one for new or experienced Franchise Owners. Because we don’t require traditional dine-in setups with larger spaces and staffing needs, your Rush Bowls can be up and running faster and with less initial investment than other options.

Additionally, we don’t have an exclusive supply chain for products and have no need for hoods, ovens, grills or messy grease-traps to clean, making daily operations simple, allowing you to focus instead on developing positive, rewarding relationships with employees and staff. We are committed to doing our part to provide you with the training and support you need throughout the entire process of opening your store, and pledge to continue to do our part years after your Grand Opening. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Rush Bowls team.

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