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Dreams of business ownership are fairly common. Doing something you enjoy, having the independence to make important decisions, a flexible schedule, and untapped earning abilities are certainly something to dream about. For many, these dreams unfortunately never become reality. Although business ownership is appealing, it is inherently risky. With almost half of all new businesses eventually failing, it is easy to see why so few people are willing to leave a comfortable desk job.

Franchising, however, is a perfect way to enter the world of business. It offers all the benefits of business ownership with minimal risk. If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee with one of the best healthy restaurant franchises , consider partnering with Rush Bowls.

Hot, New and Trendy Franchises for Sale

Whether you’re a seasoned expert at franchise ownership or just starting on your Franchise Owner journey, a smart question to ask yourself is, what franchises are new and trendy? Tapping into the latest demand trends is a great way to boost the success of your new business. Learn about industry trends and why Rush Bowls is one of the hottest franchises for sale!

Rush Bowls Healthy Restaurant Franchises Are Great Investments

As a Rush Bowls franchise owner, you’ll experience unprecedented advantages and benefits that only investing in an acai bowl franchise can bring you. Rush Bowls has invested in an experienced team of franchise support professionals who offer unparalleled guidance to help make sure our franchise owners are successful. Our model is simple to set up, easy to run and can be supported by a small staff.

If you are someone who is passionate about providing high-quality products and growing Rush Bowls into new markets, we want to talk to you. We know that you may have a lot of questions about what Rush Bowls can do for you or what it’ll mean for you to start the franchising process. If so, we have some answers:

Opening a healthy restaurant franchise with Rush Bowls is super affordable & beginner friendly!

How Much Will It Cost?

Most restaurant franchises require pretty high investments for kitchens and expensive equipment. At Rush Bowls, we only require blenders and a freezer! Our initial costs are one of the lowest in the fast-casual industry, averaging $200,000 or more*. While your investment will remain low, your revenue will be through the roof!

Getting started with Rush Bowls healthy restaurant franchise is super simple!

How Can I Get Started?

If you are serious about becoming a Rush Bowls franchise owner, there are just a few simple steps that will get you on your way. These steps range from simply requesting information on our site all the way to meeting with executives for an interview to see if we are a right fit for you — and vice versa. If you truly want to become a Rush Bowls franchise owner, these steps you take are the path to your success and a bright future.

One huge advantage of opening a healthy restaurant franchise with Rush Bowls is being able to lean on already existing experience and success in the industry.

How Can I Succeed As A Franchise Owner?

The great thing about Rush Bowls is the years of experience we have in the world of healthy franchises. Our experience coupled with the booming industry of acai berries and healthy food can only help your career.

We are prepared to help you every step of the way, whether you’re new to running a business or are a seasoned veteran. The only way you’ll fail in this venture is if you don’t share the same pioneering spirit of Rush Bowls. This is a path away from corporate America and there’s only one way to go: up!

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

Franchising With Rush Bowls Means Standing Out From The Crowd

Rush Bowls is an acai bowl franchise that is centered on the power of the acai berry. Our business model understands the importance of both health and flavor.

Our bowls and smoothies are naturally sweet and blended to perfection. Competitors add tons of sugar or artificial ingredients, but at Rush Bowls, we let the natural flavors speak for themselves. Our menu options contain no artificial ingredients or add-ins, just pure tropical fruit. Customers can also choose additional toppings like nuts for extra flavor, crunch and protein!

An investment into one of our franchises is an investment into health, customer happiness and various multimillion-dollar industries. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

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The Success Of Franchising With Rush Bowls

If you’re considering franchising with Rush Bowls, you may be thinking " how much can I make? ” Well, there’s plenty of money to be made when going into healthy franchises like Rush Bowls. Not only do you have a great head-start for a quick ROI due to our low investment cost, but buying into our healthy food franchise also purchases the rights to a highly successful business. This allows you to experience the financial gains and freedom of self-employment without running the risks of traditional business ownership.

Rush Bowls is the perfect healthy restaurant franchise for you.

Let’s Take A Quick Look At The Industry Economics

Rush Bowls is an acai bowl franchise that has capitalized on the famous purple Amazon berry. Taking advantage of three lucrative industries – The nearly $1 Trillion* health food industry, the $722 million acai berry industry, and the $384 million health-focused fast-casual restaurant industry – Rush Bowls is leading the Acai Berry game!

The Acai Berry industry is now bringing in over $722 million and is expected to reach over $1 billion in the coming years. Interest in superfoods shows no sign of slowing down and the acai berry is particularly successful due to its bright flavor and easy incorporation into other foods like smoothies and bowls.

We’ve been pioneering the acai bowl and healthy food franchise market since 2004, and we haven’t been doing it alone. We receive guidance and support from an accomplished, all-star executive team responsible for personally launching and operating hundreds of restaurants and franchises. With their guidance and direction, and our unique process we’ve been able to reap incredible success with low startup costs and development investment. Now is the time to join the Rush Bowls family.

The Strength of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Franchise

Quick Service Restaurants, or QSRs, have seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. As fewer individuals opt for slow food and sit-down restaurants, more people lean toward fast dining options that fit their busy schedules. Learn what sets QSRs apart from other restaurants, why QSR franchise opportunities can make excellent investments, and why Rush Bowls is a cut above the rest.

Bring your friends and family to Rush Bowls, the ultimate healthy qsr franchise.

Share In Our Sweet Success

With now over 50 locations nationally, Rush Bowls is riding on an acai berry wave of success. We are looking for business-savvy, smoothie-loving individuals who are ready to get started and join our franchise. Our promise is success and we follow through with an incredible business model.

Rush Bowls is excited about superfoods, and we love the powerful punch that the tiny purple acai berry packs. Not only is it nourishing for our bodies, but it also keeps our wallets full as well! If you’re excited about our healthy food franchise, we would love to hear from you. We are looking to expand nationally and need the help of health-conscious, acai berry passionate entrepreneurs

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