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The Opportunity

Now open in Washington D.C., — You can COME AND SEE why Rush Bowls is the perfect example of a truly healthy food franchise concept. Our bowls are crafted from only all-natural ingredients and delicious proprietary recipes featuring fresh fruit topped with granola & honey. Healthy conscious consumers can feel good about the food they power themselves with, and you can feel good about supporting the wellness of your community — and your bank account.

Rush Bowls is a proven concept, pioneering the acai (and other) bowl market since 2004, when Founder and President Andrew Pudalov left a successful career in New York City’s financial sector to pursue his passion for healthy living.

Rush Bowls store.

The Numbers

We fall into the growing healthy fast casual restaurant segment, and you'll be able to take your portion of what is soon to be a $52 billion industry ! The earnings potential with this model is incredibly strong. Consider the uniqueness and loyalty for our product, the low-cost and simple buildout cost of our stores, and the rapidly growing market. All things considered, not only will your customers be healthier, but your wallet may be too.




Franchise Fee



$200,000 or more*

Initial Investment

Rush Bowls investment opportunities.

Three Legged

Barstool Model

healthy food franchise


few moving parts, few things that could go wrong, serving size, relatively easy to train people


size varies between 500 sq ft - 1200 sq ft., established in large universities/schools, gentrified cities, near hospitals, activity neighborhoods (beach, skii resort, tourist attraction), and nontraditional sites (airports, casinos, train station)


low royalty on net sales, no national ad/branding fund, economies of scale passed through to franchise owners

Why Invest in Rush Bowls?

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Surging Industry

Rush Bowls taps into three industries; The $1 TRILLION health food industry ; $500 MILLION acai berry industry and the $384 MILLION health-focused fast casual industries.

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Strong Economics

By combining a uniquely delicious and healthy product with an incredibly efficient business model focusing on low overhead, you'll have yourself one healthy bottom line.

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Simple Operation

A concept without hoods, ovens or grills; just blenders and a freezer! You can enjoy the revenues and stability of the restaurant business, without the headaches!

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Outstanding Support

We invested in an experienced team of franchise support professionals, offering an unparalleled guide to ensure our smoothie bowl franchise owners are successful. We have a full team ready to support your growth.

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Flexible Footprint

You don't have the expensive build-outs, the high overhead or have to deal with the complexities of a traditional dine-in restaurant. Our model is simple to set up, easy to run and can be supported by a small staff.

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Low Cost Investment

$199,800+ initial investment

"Holy wow so freakin' good!!! I inhaled entire bowl in less than five minutes. It was undoubtedly, the best Acai bowl I have ever enjoyed."


"My friend and I came here at 9am on a Saturday morning before hiking at the flat irons. I highly recommend the berry graham bowl. It is so delicious and tasty!!! A perfect refreshing breakfast! I wish I could eat one everyday. Please open a location in Houston, TX I will be your best customer and am interested in investing in a franchise!"


"Like a smoothie, but also like granola and yogurt a Rush Bowl is the perfect combination of blended fruit, granola and honey. It is a delicious treat that I get absurd cravings for at random times. My favorite is the lemon squeeze bowl."


Our Story

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Tired of NYC, Andrew Pudalov left his position as Head of Derivative Trading for a major Wall Street bank and moved to Boulder, CO. He wanted to create a concept that served healthy, wholesome and delicious products. After years of research and development, Rush Bowls was born!

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With a unique, healthy and extremely delicious product, Andrew went all in, testing his concept out in the most competitive real estate in Boulder, where only successful brands have survived. Andrew opened the first Rush Bowls on “The Hill” in near CU, immediately attracted raving fans.

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On “The Hill” several national powerhouses opened shop, and failed due to the competitive demographic. Rush Bowls is one of the very few concepts to have continued to succeed and grow.

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We continue our national expansion with over 100 franchises sold and more than 30 units open.

Over The Last 16 Years

Rush Bowls has cultivated a fiercely loyal following and developed a successful acai bowl business model by perfecting the menu and proprietary recipes, processes, vendor relationships and marketing practices. We have a specific vision for where our healthy food franchise is headed, and the types of entrepreneurs we want to partner with in order to make that happen.

Check out the video to learn a little more about us.

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Founder of a Top Acai Bowl Franchise

Andrew Pudalov

Founder & CEO

Rush Bowls is the brainchild of Andrew Pudalov, former Head of a Global Fixed Income Derivative Desk at National Australia Bank. With over 15 years of success with the very first Rush Bowls, he leads product development, creating new flavor profiles and managing sourcing.

In the winter of 2015, Andrew partnered with prolific restaurateur, Buddy Brown, one the nation’s most successful franchise operators. Dewey R. “Buddy” Brown has been involved in restaurant operations for over 30 years. When Andrew’s background and success with Rush Bowls joined forces with Buddy Brown, something very special was created.

Over that time, Buddy has won numerous operational awards, most notably: the Founder’s Trophy for Franchisee of the Year in 2002 and 2008; Sales Building award for the largest sales increase in 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015; Developer of The Year 2008 and 2015, and was Carl’s Jr. Franchisee of the Year in 2013 and 2015. He also won the 2016 IHFA – William L. Boddie Founder’s Award and the 2017 Wilber Hardee Founder’s Award.

Buddy is one of the world’s most successful franchisees, owning and operates close to 300 Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s® restaurants. A successful entrepreneur like Buddy keeps these trade secrets close to the vest, right? Not at Rush Bowls. Co-Founder and Partner, Buddy Brown is ready and willing share his recipe for success with you if you are awarded a Rush Bowls franchise.

Buddy has witnessed the shift in consumer behavior, noting that consumers are now demanding healthier food choices. After researching countless emerging dining concepts, Buddy found Rush Bowls and instinctively knew it would be America’s next addiction. If you too, like Buddy and Andrew, share a similar vision on how the world is changing its eating habits, then we’d like to talk with you!

Our leadership team knows exactly what it’s like to be a Franchise Owner, and perhaps more importantly, how to achieve true success. The combination of the Andrew and Buddy’s experience, and their knowledgeable executive team makes this an incredible ground floor opportunity in the acai bowl franchise space that you don’t want to miss out on!

Check out which health food industry offerings can be found at each of our healthy bowl, smoothie bowl, and acai bowl franchise locations.

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