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Disrupting the Fast Food Industry

Posted on Nov 27th 2023


Disrupting the Fast Food Industry

It used to be that if you wanted a meal on the run, you’d be lucky to find any healthy food franchise options at all. Now, healthy and fast dining options are in high demand nationwide. How did that popularity start, and who are the industry disruptors to keep an eye on?

Growing Popularity

While a push for healthy eating increased in the 1970s, it was in the 1990s and 2000s that the United States saw a marked difference in how restaurants and other dining establishments marketed their menus. In particular, the demand for transparency on ingredients as well as calorie counts led to greater overall awareness of exactly how unhealthy many fast food options really were.

In more recent years, there has also been an increased awareness of the need to accommodate various dietary restrictions and allergies. The result? A market that still wants fast, portable, and affordable food options, but now with greater desire for customization and health benefits. Additionally, there is a desire from consumers to support businesses that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethical in their business practices. These are some of the many reasons why healthy food franchises like Rush Bowls have such consistent success.

An Affordable Investment

While opening any healthy food franchise is an investment of both time and money, opening a Rush Bowls is a comparatively affordable option. While other franchises have large spacing and staffing requirements or need lots of expensive equipment to run from day to day, Rush Bowls requires much less. In fact, you can operate a highly successful Rush Bowls franchise with 500 square feet, a freezer, and some blenders. Further, with such a simple process, your staffing requirements are far less than other fast-casual healthy dining options, further reducing your overhead costs.

An image of healthy ingredients used at Rush Bowls - a healthy food franchise on the rise!

What’s more, Rush Bowls is proud to have a non-exclusive supply chain, making it easier for each of our owners to track down the best prices for their stores. Since food is made to order, you also have virtually no food waste, allowing you to contribute well to the environment and save money at the same time.

In all, opening a Rush Bowls is a highly affordable investment with demonstrated profitability for owners across the nation.

A Delicious Product

Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating boring or bland food, and Rush Bowls is proof! Our bowls are packed with delicious fruits and vegetables, are highly photographable thanks to their bright, beautiful colors, and are 100% customizable for any dietary need. We even offer a dog-friendly option so that pet owners can enjoy a meal alongside their beloved pets. With a wide range of delicious, nutrient-dense food options to choose from, Rush Bowls owners regularly see their customers coming back for more.

Two different smoothie bowls that are offered at Rush Bowls - a healthy food franchise thats in high demand nationwide!

Rush Bowls Stands Apart

There are many healthy food franchises that you can choose from, but Rush Bowls truly stands apart from the competition. Thanks to low operating costs, a product in high demand, and a reputation for quality customer service, Rush Bowls is an investment that you can count on. To find out more about how you can open your own Rush Bowls and start on the path toward reaching your financial and personal goals, contact us today.

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