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The number of consumers becoming health conscious and concerned about the quality of ingredients used in their food only continues to grow. A healthy lifestyle is far more than just a passing fad — it’s the key to a longer, better life.

With the rise in health conscious consumers, the health food industry has also boomed. Recent valuations place it at an average of $1 Trillion* annually. Unfortunately, many fast and fast casual restaurants have failed to pick up on the demand for healthy, convenient options — much to their own detriment.

The younger generation has seen a renewed emphasis on healthy and sustainable food. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this desire spread to much of the population as they were forced to cook at home and see the value of high quality ingredients.

Now, with people returning to in-person dining and eating out, many individuals are seeking to maintain those healthy choices. That’s where the value of healthy food franchises comes in.

The Takeoff Of Healthy Franchises

The overweight American trope may be a cliche at this point, but it’s also true. Americans continue to consume unhealthy burgers, fries and shakes at high rates. However, many of these unhealthy choices are not because of unwise decisions or a lack of education. In actuality, many people simply do not have access to healthy food.

In 2020, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to reconcile their health and wellbeing with the choices they were making. Instead of absentmindedly stopping by the local fast food joint on the way home, many of us found ourselves cooking, gardening and preparing food at home. Consequently, a great number of people realized the importance of a healthy diet and the impact it could make on their day-to-day lives.

Experts have estimated that the coming years will see a takeoff of healthy franchises as Americans and consumers around the world seek to maintain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Big name fast food chains may start to — or even already have — offer healthy choices, but healthy food franchises have an edge in the market simply because those established names don’t have the consumers’ trust.

Fast food chains aren’t associated with healthy choices in the mind of consumers. This provides an opportunity for “underdog” healthy food restaurants to rise up and increase their share of the market. Consumers want transparent menus and premium ingredients — something a traditional fast food chain can’t offer.

As the younger generation grows, they will demand more and more healthy options. A generation raised with the knowledge of healthy choices, but all too familiar with the benefits of convenience, will want restaurant choices that are fast, healthy and give them the option to eat on or off the premises.

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The Future Of The Healthy Franchise Industry

It’s a safe assumption that most of us want to be healthy. We don’t walk around hoping for heart disease, obesity or the many other risks of eating an unhealthy diet. However, we’re also very busy people who don’t always have the time necessary to spend making fresh, healthy food at home.

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Traditional convenient, fast options aren’t exactly known for being healthy. These fast food chains are also sometimes the only option for certain areas, making healthy choices for on-the-go even more challenging.

For a consumer base that wants healthy and accessible options, healthy food chains are the future of fast casual dining. Modern ecommerce and supply chains offer an opportunity for our food culture to make a much-needed shift.

Franchising is the natural path forward towards healthier living. Not only has franchising been a historically stable model — very few franchises closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic — but offers an opportunity to grow at a faster, more sustainable rate than other restaurants.

New developments in technology, like delivery services such as DoorDash and Postmates, and even in the franchise world — like sub franchising and broad-based wholesale divisions for franchises — have made franchising an even more attractive option for those seeking new business or self-employment opportunities.

In today’s market, there is a demand for healthy options that big fast food chains and restaurants cannot meet. The healthy food market is already robust , but it’s primed to become even more successful with the rise of healthy food franchises.

Start A Healthy Food Franchise With Rush Bowls

If you’ve seen the potential of starting a healthy food franchise but aren’t sure what options are available, look no further than Rush Bowls. With fresh, flavorful ingredients and a transparent menu, Rush Bowls is a health food franchise leader.

At Rush Bowls, we meet the consumer demand for healthy, convenient food without compromising on taste or quality. Serving acai bowls means no need for a full fledged kitchen — just a freezer and blender!

If you’re looking for a self-employment opportunity that offers freedom and flexibility, while also helping shift Americans toward a healthier lifestyle and diet. Franchising is the perfect option for those looking to run their own business without having the risks of a traditional new business.

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