The Health Food Franchise Industry

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As more and more consumers become health conscious and closely monitor what goes into their bodies, the options to meet this healthy demand have continued to rise.

The health food industry and the number of growing healthy franchises is evidence that being conscious of what we consume is no longer a fringe lifestyle. Recent numbers show the health food industry averages $1 trillion annually, and surveys show consumers are willing to pay a higher price for food they know has quality ingredients.

Healthy options are becoming the norm across the country, with no signs of slowing down. The conclusion is clear: Nutritious and delicious food is a trend that’s here to stay. For those looking to break into the potential of the health food industry, there’s no better option than a healthy food franchise.

The Importance Of Healthy Eating

They say you don’t have anything if you don’t have your health. It’s a sentiment many individuals have taken to heart, understanding that what you use to fuel your body greatly determines your overall health, quality of life and life expectancy.

It seems that every decade experiences the latest and greatest “health craze” sweeping the nation. But the newest healthy eating movement isn’t about fad diets or miracle ingredients. Instead, younger generations are becoming educated on the importance of healthy living, premium ingredients and whole foods.

Studies continually show the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Weight loss, lower risk of disease, longevity and an improved mood are just some of the reasons healthy eating is an important part of a well-rounded life.

Healthy food franchises like Rush Bowls combine the fun and convenience of eating out with the knowledge that good ingredients lead to a better life. The importance of healthy eating doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a quick, convenient meal.

By fulfilling the need for health and the desire to eat out, a healthy franchise is a smart move for those looking to help revolutionize the way we eat.

Colorful fruit smoothies from Rush Bowls, the tastiest healthy food franchise in the nation.

Health Conscious Consumers

Today’s younger consumers aren’t like previous generations. In the past, food and eating decisions were often made based on price. Today, consumers have been taught about nutrition and health from an early age, leading to choices based more on healthiness rather than just the cheapest option.

Studies and surveys have shown these health conscious consumers are willing to pay more if they know they’re getting a quality product. Restaurants with healthy options are quickly replacing traditional fast food joints — evidence that this change in purchasing behavior isn’t just a fad. Consumers don’t want to be fed cheap food that may contribute to health issues now or later in life. Instead, they want the convenience of fast food they’ve always known, but without the health drawbacks.

The health conscious consumer values:

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Clear labeling
  • Food safety
  • Taste
  • Transparency

How does the market meet this demand? The rise of the healthy fast casual restaurant and healthy franchises is certainly a stand-out example, but brands everywhere are pivoting to help consumers reach health goals and not have to stress about what’s in their food.

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The Rise Of Healthy Franchises

With health conscious consumers seeking convenience without having to compromise on quality ingredients and transparency, there’s been a significant rise in healthy food franchises.

Meals made with whole foods are all the rage. Whole foods have been refined or processed as little as possible, allowing the consumer to get as many health benefits as they can without added preservatives.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers found a love of whole foods and rekindled the joy of spending time creating healthy meals. Many more discovered the ease of ordering takeout. With restaurants opening back up and diners flocking to experience dining out again, experts have predicted that 2021 will be the year of health franchises.

Colorful smoothies from Rush Bowls, a healthy food franchise.

Traditionally, franchises weather economic downturns better than other business models, and the pandemic has been no exception. More than 110,000 restaurants closed during the crisis, but very few of them were franchises. The renewed interest in healthy food coupled with the resilience of the franchise business model means investing in a health food franchise will be the next smart move for many looking to delve into the world of self-employment.

Acai Franchises

Sure, there’s no such thing as a miracle food — something that will cure all ails with just one serving — but unless you haven’t been paying attention, you’ve probably heard of the acai berry. This small berry is something between blueberry and a grape, and grows natively in South America on a certain type of palm tree.

The health benefits of acai rose to popularity a few years ago, but unlike other health fads, its fame hasn’t died down or disappeared. Acai franchises have swept the nation, and this “superfood” has become popular among health fanatics and less conscious consumers alike for its great flavor and accompanying health benefits.

Acai contains:


Healthy Fats


Earning the nickname “purple gold,” acai lives up to the name. The acai industry currently stands around $722 million, with expectations to continue rising until at least 2025. Acai bowl franchises like Rush Bowls saw the potential of this powerful berry early on and have seen success by meeting the consumer demand.

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Future Of The Health Food Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wakeup call to many consumers about the importance of health. Not just washing hands, but also the value of what goes into their bodies. Simultaneously, the global economic crisis and cultural shift to working from home sparked a desire in many to leave corporate America and regain control over their schedules.

Those two factors put the future of the health food industry in a prime spot for the next great career move and consumer trend. Healthy franchises in the fast casual industry have always been a strong segment, but with more interest in healthy foods, it’s continuing to grow even faster.

Leading the way in the healthy food franchises is Rush Bowls. For those looking to pursue a career with a flexible schedule, room for growth and high earning potential, a healthy franchise with Rush Bowls is an excellent opportunity.

Smiling teenagers enjoying their smoothies from Rush Bowls healthy franchise.

How To Franchise Healthy Options

Looking for a career that offers flexibility, person and professional growth? A healthy food franchise may be the right option for you. Healthy food isn’t just a passing fad — it’s a lifestyle that leads to a longer and better life.

If you’ve been wondering how to break into the health food industry and how to franchise healthy options, Rush Bowls offers an answer to both questions. Our menus contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives, making it an easy choice for consumers looking to avoid greasy fast food. Plus, with our low investment cost, you’ll see a quick and lucrative ROI.

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