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The market for the health food industry is quickly evolving. Many factors, such as the impact of COVID-19’s isolation causing consumers to change their eating habits and diet, have contributed to a current trend towards healthy food. This movement has nowhere to go but up as consumers continue to become more educated in their health, diet, and ingredients. The future of the health food industry is bright, and for potential Franchise Owners, now is the time to take advantage of this investment opportunity and jumpstart your journey into owning an organic food store franchise. Read on to learn more about this growing market and your place in its future!

What's Trending:

While the desire for healthier, cleaner ingredients has been a growing movement in the food industry over the years, the coronavirus pandemic has called even more attention to diet and the effect of food on your body. When it comes to the future of the health food industry, sustainability, nutritional impact are the main factors behind growing trends. As an owner of an organic food store franchise in the health food industry , you can expect to see shifts in the market influenced by one or more trends such as these:

  • Organic, Natural Alternatives: Though plant-based alternatives were once considered a specialty item and difficult to acquire, the interest in plant-based foods has peaked in recent years. Organic options such as acai bowls give consumers more variety and convenience when looking for a delicious and nutritious alternative to fast foods.
  • Immunity-Boosting Foods: In the wake of the pandemic, many American consumers have found themselves left with a growing concern for their immune system. Foods with natural immunity-boosting properties, such as the acai berry, have skyrocketed in demand, making it a natural choice for investment.
  • A Simple Solution: Though the desire for clean eating is on the rise, many people still struggle with taste, convenience, and price when trying to commit to a healthier diet. Acai bowls are an ideal solution for healthy eating, made with delicious, all-natural ingredients. As an owner of an organic food store franchise, you can feel confident and proud that your product is making a healthy difference in the lives of your consumers.
A beautiful, delicious smoothie bowl at Rush Bowls makes it obvious why our organic food store franchise is a hit.

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The Rise of Acai Bowls

Though acai bowls have been around since the early 2000s, their increase in popularity over the last few years has been thanks to social media marketing and a growing interest in the health benefits of their ingredients. The star of this health food trend is the acai berry, a superfood fruit that contains high levels of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. Incredibly versatile, acai blends extremely well, making it the perfect base for a smoothie or creamy bowls topped with extra ingredients such as oatmeal or peanut butter. These bowls may look and almost taste like ice cream, but they pack a far more nutritional punch, making this a breakfast and snack alternative that is healthy, fresh, and tasty.

At Rush Bowls, our acai bowls are a mouthwatering blend of all-natural fruits and veggies topped with delightfully crunchy, organic granola, a drizzle of honey, and a variety of fresh toppers. In the growing market of acai, our organic food store franchise offers a healthy, delicious product for consumers looking to move away from standard fast-casual options and a reliable investment for potential Franchise Owners.

Be Part of An Acai Bowl Franchise

There is an incredible demand for high-quality, affordable, fast, healthy, and delicious food. That’s why we continue to experience impressive financial performance. The world needs healthier food more than ever before. By becoming an organic food store Franchise Owner, you can join this growing health food trend and give your community the option of healthier eating as consumer demand for smoothie bowls continues to surge.

Rush Bowls is an organic food store franchise that understands the importance of health, taste, and availability. We need partners who deeply care about their business, and people who are passionate about providing their communities with a high-quality, fresh product. Many other competitors add tons of sugar or artificial ingredients, but at Rush Bowls, we let the natural flavors speak for themselves. Our menu options contain no artificial ingredients or add-ins, just pure tropical fruit. Franchising our acai bowl business ensures that we protect the quality of our brand and product, while simultaneously growing Rush Bowls into new markets in a way that allows you to have less risk and a greater chance of success. Contact us today to learn more about your franchise opportunities!

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