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Franchising with Rush Bowls is an amazing opportunity. There's really no better time to franchise, but why a smoothie franchise ? There's plenty of benefits to enjoy and there's a huge growing market in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Right now we're seeing a huge boom in the fast-casual scene with health-focused fast casuals which are seeing growing revenue of $354 million annually.

This trend is only expected to grow as the American consumer becomes more concerned with health, diet, and ingredients. Rush Bowls is the best franchise on the market that gives consumers healthy and tasty products! But why should you franchise now? Let's get into that!

There's No Time Like The Present

With the growing trend of healthy eating, there’s really no time to wait to get in on the action! It's been proven that healthy eating is a trend that is here to stay and busy consumers are looking to restaurants like their favorite smoothie bowl franchise to provide healthy options that are nutritious and tasty! According to research done by the National Restaurant Association, more than seven in ten adults are trying to eat healthier when they dine out than they were two years ago.

That's part of the reason why there's no time like the present to get your foot in the door with a smoothie franchise like Rush Bowls!

We've Got What Consumers Want

It is more important than ever to provide healthy options on the menu, but it is just as important to provide healthy food that tastes amazing! In a recent study performed by Technomic, a Chicago-based research company, three-fifths of consumers believe that their favorite restaurants can offer food that is both healthy and delicious. Consumers know what they want and they aren't willing to sacrifice flavors to get it. And Rush Bowls knows exactly what consumers want and how to give it to them!

Take advantage of Rush Bowls' best smoothie franchise opportunities while consumer demand for healthy food is skyrocketing.


Customers don't want to eat the same thing over and over. Being stuck in a franchise that only offers a few things on rotation is a recipe for failure. Franchising with Rush Bowls means working with new flavors, ingredients, and menu items every day. Our customers love acai bowls, but they also love variety. Out of our 13+ different bowl options available on our menu, 3 are acai. We also offer 11+ smoothie options. With variety comes a wider customer base and a bigger revenue for you.

Rush Bowls is a smothie bowl franchise opportunity that provides a variety of foods for all kinds of healthy consumers.

Nutrition and Low Calories

With the growing trend of healthy eating, Rush Bowls has what consumers want. Fruit and veggie-loaded options are huge these days and that means huge paydays for you. Far healthier than the traditional fast-casual meal that usually comes with french fries, Rush Bowls can include optional protein and are low in calories and fat content. When consumers feel good, they'll keep coming back for more!

Plenty of Opportunity for
New Smoothie Franchise Owners

The importance of offering healthy meal options will only continue to grow which means there are more than enough opportunities and financial gains for franchise owners to enjoy. Rush Bowls as a fast-casual smoothie bowl franchise intersects three big industries: the health foods industry, the fast-casual industry, and the acai berry industry. These three industries are huge financial powerhouses.

Now topping the charts at $1 TRILLION annually, the health food craze is here to stay! Consumers are increasingly turning away from greasy, unhealthy ingredients in favor of organic, fresh, and healthy choices.

This industry brings in $52 billion annually. Fast-casual restaurants are focused on serving quality food in a laid-back environment. The flexible business plan of Rush Bowls allows investors to choose between a full dine-in establishment or a "to-go" counter.

The acai industry accounts for $500 million annually. Ever since 2003, this industry has seen explosive effects on the health foods market. It's a food that is as refreshing as it is nutritious and Rush Bowls sees the benefits rolling in every year!

  • Gallup research has found 76% of adults eat at a fast-food restaurant at least monthly, and 57% of young adults report eating it at least weekly.
  • Over 80% of restaurants now offer a low-fat or healthy menu, according to Fast Casual's 2017 State of the Industry Report.
  • 88% of consumers say they're willing to pay a premium for foods with healthy attributes, according to Nielsen's online poll of 30,000 people in 60 countries.
  • The National Restaurant Association reports 76% of adults will return to a restaurant that offers healthier options.
  • 58% of diners care less about price and deals and more about the quality and freshness of their meal according to NPD Group.
  • 84% of restaurant operators say their customers are paying more attention to nutrition when they order.

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A Great Investment

Aesthetic acai bowl at Rush Bowls, a healthy smoothie franchise opportunity.

Our current owners have expressed great financial gains with their smoothie franchise and many have gone on to open multiple Rush Bowls locations. The low initial investment allows for a quick ROI. When you buy into this smoothie bowl franchise, you are purchasing the rights to a highly successful business. This allows you to experience the financial gains and freedom of self-employment without running into any of the risks of traditional business ownership. If you're serious about opening your own business and looking for a way to break into the opportunity of the healthy food industry, the Rush Bowls smoothie franchise is a great option.

What started as a simple desire to offer healthier options to the community is now a prosperous smoothie franchise operation. We are looking to continue this healthy growth trend with talented, business savvy, smoothie-loving individuals. Are you ready to franchise with us?

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