How Big is the Health Food Industry?

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One of the most important questions to ask as you decide on starting a business is, how big is the industry? Understanding the demand for the type of product or service you'd like to provide can help you make a sound business plan. Plus, you'll avoid diving in too deeply with an industry that is too small to sustain the existing supply. If you're considering opening a business in the health food industry, find out how large the whole food franchise industry is and learn about industry outlook predictions.

Size of the Health Food Industry

The health and wellness foods market was estimated at over $841 billion in 2022. It's easy to observe a growing demand for healthier food options worldwide, but especially in the United States. Among a rush of documentaries and studies highlighting the ongoing health complications associated with traditional fast food options, many families have begun to seek out healthy food options that offer the convenience, price range, and quick fulfillment of a fast food establishment. As a result, the fast-casual industry is currently worth $384 million.

Rush Bowls sits at the intersection of the health food industry, the fast-casual industry, and the $500 million acai berry industry. This positioning lends itself to high demand across markets, making the prospect of becoming a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls a wise investment.

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Growth of the Whole Food Franchise Industry

On top of its current strength, another promising aspect of the health food industry is its ongoing growth and expected upward trajectory. Following the pandemic, many consumers are paying more attention to their health and actively seeking food options that support their health, wellness, and immune systems. A growing portion of US consumers follow diets such as keto or gluten-free health plans. As a result, experts predict that the global health and wellness foods market will reach $1 trillion by 2026. Reflecting a similar trend, the "better for you" foods segment, including whole food franchises, is expected to hit $183 billion by 2026.

Along with easier access to healthy foods in grocery stores, consumers are increasingly searching for healthy food options on the go. Rush Bowls offers a product to fit this demand perfectly. Without a large assortment of whole food franchises available, Rush Bowls fulfills an underserved niche, making it a wise investment, especially for those passionate about promoting healthy eating.

Opening a Whole Food Franchise

Many business-minded individuals have picked up on the strong opportunity to open a whole food franchise during this period of incredible growth. As global attention continues to hold on healthy foods that help boost immunity, now is a wise time to invest in a healthy food business. However, there are various approaches to consider. While some entrepreneurs may choose to start a business from scratch, there are many benefits to finding a supportive and well-established franchise instead.

Rush Bowls thrives in the intersection of the health food industry, the fast-casual industry, and the acai bowl industry. With ongoing support, a relatively low investment, and excellent brand recognition, Rush Bowls sets Franchise Owners up for a healthy career in the health food industry. Enjoy a flexible footprint and simple operation for an efficient and strategic restaurant business plan. Ask about our franchise opportunity today!

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