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Hot, New and Trendy Franchises

Whether you’re a seasoned franchise expert or just starting on your Franchise Owner journey, a smart question to ask yourself is, what’s the trendiest new franchise for sale? Tapping into the latest demand trends is a great way to boost the success of your new business. Learn how Rush Bowls is leading the pack when it comes to industry trends and the most in-demand new franchises.

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What Industries Are Hottest?

In order to narrow down your options to find the best franchise for your next investment, it’s helpful to look at industry statistics. When it comes to the food industry, a few trends are undeniable:

  1. A growing portion of consumers are seeking health-conscious food options. The health food industry brings in a whopping $1 trillion!
  2. Customers value convenience. With busy schedules and high expectations, consumers need quick and easy meals they can rely on.
  3. Individuals increasingly appreciate the value of a diet full of fruits and vegetables. A growing emphasis on healthy and vitamin-rich meals has become apparent.

These trends help give way to the $384 million health-focused fast casual industry, the $500 million acai berry industry, and the thriving overall health food industry. Rush Bowls sits at the intersection of all three of these trending industries to provide delicious, healthy, convenient food options.

Identifying The Best Franchise For Your Next Investment

In addition to identifying the latest trends and the industries with high demand, finding the franchise also requires research into their operations. A few factors to look for include:


While there are various paths to success in the health food industry, running with low overhead is one of the most reliable methods for sustaining high-profit margins. The Rush Bowls business model hinges on efficiency, from ingredients and preparation to the physical spaces and tools needed.


Huge kitchens full of hoods and grills are challenging to build out, costly to maintain, and tricky to standardize. Rush Bowls keeps things simple by operating with just a freezer and a few blenders at each location.


One of the downfalls of many restaurants is that they require large spaces, in-depth equipment, and a complex set-up. Rush Bowls locations are flexible and relatively small, making them easy to open in a wide variety of spaces, from office complexes to college campuses.

With these attributes in mind, new Franchise Owners can feel confident choosing between their options to find the one that’s right for them and embark on the business journey of a lifetime!

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What About Rush Bowls?

Regardless of experience and background, many Franchise Owners find a thriving career with Rush Bowls. By combining efficient and simple operations with in-demand healthy food offerings, Rush Bowls creates the ideal environment for exciting earnings. What’s more, Franchise Owners with Rush Bowls benefit from the guidance of an experienced team of franchise support professionals for optimized business strategy.

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