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If you have a burning desire to work for yourself and currently live an active and healthy lifestyle, why not combine the two? Welcome to the RUSH BOWLS franchise opportunity! The healthy food industry will generate revenues of over $1 trillion this year, making it one of the fastest growing and sustainable investment opportunities. Founded in Boulder, CO, Rush Bowls has been serving all-natural fruit-based bowls to people "RUSHing and on-the-go" since 2004.

We've been franchising since 2015; our national growth means franchise owners are making the RUSH BOWLS healthy meal option available to our fanatically loyal customers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to tap into this industry, a good way to get involved is with fruit bowl restaurant franchise opportunities.

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The Numbers


Local Marketing


Franchise Fee



$194,000 or more*

Initial Investment

*We offer single and multi-unit Area Development Agreements

healthy restaurant franchises

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As an entrepreneur, you’re already aware of the benefits of self employment. But, why choose a franchise over your own venture? The simple answer is because it’s easier. Opening your own business requires lots of capital and plenty of experience. When you invest your money into a franchise, you’re investing into a proven concept. This is a less risk averse option, and is great if you’re looking to save time and money.

Better yet, investing into a franchise brings you something you’ll never have when you run your own business - a corporate support team. As a one-man team, you’ll need to oversee everything yourself. With a franchise, you can take care of the important day to day management while relying on your support team for assistance in areas like training, operations and marketing.

Why Fruit Bowls and Smoothies

Because they’re a blended concoction of delicious and nutritious flavor! But, really. Consumers love fruit bowls and smoothies. In the United States, juice and smoothie bars account for $2 billion annually and the “meal-in-a-bowl” trend of thick, frozen acai bowl or smoothie topped with fresh fruits and granola has become increasingly popular. These fruit and veggie packed meals offer healthy consumers just what they are looking for - something that is nutritious, filling and sweet without the guilt!

While consumers love smoothies, acai bowls and juices, these products are also great for business owners. Unlike healthy salad or sandwich shops that require a full kitchen, acai bowl restaurant franchise opportunities just need a freezer and a few blenders! That means you can keep costs low and operations simple.

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Why Rush Bowls

When it comes to healthy restaurant franchises and opportunities, Rush Bowls has it all. Our menu consists of acai and fruit blend bowls and delicious smoothies. With fresh, flavorful ingredients and options for every dietary restriction, we offer our customers just what they’re looking for. We also never use artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives. With the simple promise of healthy and delicious food, we’ve captured a large fan base. Customers are all smiles when we serve them up their favorite blended bowl.

The Opportunity

Rush Bowls is a proven concept, pioneering the acai (and other) bowl market since 2004, when Founder and President Andrew Pudalov left a successful career in New York City's financial sector to pursue his passion for healthy living.

Born in Boulder, CO, Rush Bowls is the perfect example of a true healthy food franchise concept. Our bowls are crafted from only all-natural ingredients and delicious proprietary recipes featuring fresh fruit topped with granola & honey. Health-conscious consumers can feel good about the food they fuel themselves with, and you can feel good about supporting the wellness of your community...and your bank account.

So Why Partner With a Healthy Restaurant Franchise Like Us?

So why partner with us? Well, as we’re at the center of three surging industries and our investment range is incredibly low, the potential of success could be one reason. Need some more?

  • Our simple operations make scaling your acai bowl restaurant franchise opportunities into multiple locations easy.
  • We’re invested in those who invest in us - all Franchise Owners benefit from our robust support program.
  • The Rush Bowls family consists of smoothie loving, hard working entrepreneurs just like you.
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