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Whether a business flops or succeeds lies entirely on the business model and leadership. In an industry like the fast-casual dining industry, franchisees need a strong business model to keep them afloat. Within this industry, those who stay in business longer and are more successful are those that offer healthier menu options. That’s what’s so great about Rush Bowls: we are a restaurant franchise opportunity that puts you at a peak advantage from day one. Rush Bowls as a smoothie bowl franchise is one of the fastest-growing franchises that just keeps growing and growing.

Our business model and success sets us apart from other franchises and keeps our franchise owners just as happy and successful. So as an entrepreneur, look no further for quality restaurant franchise opportunities , for Rush Bowls as an opportunity is not only on-trend but has the great potential for success in your career.

What Sets Our Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Apart?

Rush Bowls is truly a unique restaurant franchise opportunity that has over 19 years of experience! We’ve seen unprecedented success and are excited to share that success with you. We believe that to replicate the success we’ve seen, we need partners who deeply care about their business.

Our initial investment costs are lower than most anyone in the industry, and our simple operation allows our franchise owners to open more locations. With no expensive build-outs or high overhead costs, our owners enjoy the revenues and stability of the typical franchise model, but without the headaches.

We’re looking for like-minded entrepreneurs ready to capitalize on this industry and experience what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Take advantage of Rush Bowls' best healthy franchise opportunities, while consumer demand for healthy food is skyrocketing.

Consumer Demand

Consumers across America have been clamoring for a change, and we’ve been listening. No longer are people looking for greasy fast food. Now the masses are looking for tastier, healthier options, and Rush Bowls is there. The juice and smoothie industry has already experienced unprecedented growth and is only continuing to grow as Americans adopt healthier eating habits. Our healthy restaurant franchise opportunities offer quick, portable and convenient meals that are healthy but are also delicious.

Rush Bowls is a restaurant franchise opportunity that provides a variety of foods for all kinds of healthy consumers.

Variety In Products

Far healthier than traditional fast-casual meals that usually come with french fries, Rush Bowls includes optional protein, low calories and fat content. Our bowls are all one of a kind, packed with fruits and veggies and built with unique combinations of delicious ingredients to highlight the essential superfoods.

Rush Bowls restaurant franchise opportunity provides its owners with the chance to gain experience and growth in the healthy food industry, furthering their success.

Experience & Growth

The health food industry in the U.S. is now worth an estimated $1 Trillion*, and over the last five years has seen a growth of about 2.3%, and Rush Bowls is right in the middle of that growth. With over 19 years of experience we continue to increase at an incredible rate with over 50 locations. We have worked tirelessly so that our customers can experience honest ingredients for one of the best fruit and all-natural food bowls available anywhere.

We Do For You What The Other Guys Can’t

When you step into the world of a franchise like Rush Bowls, you’re not only coming into the world of healthy foods but into an industry that can only help you climb the ladder in your business career. Breaking into the fruit bowl franchise will reward you with opportunities, benefits and experiences that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. Things to look forward to when franchising with Rush Bowls include:

Rush Bowls taps into three industries: the health food industry, the acai berry industry, and the health-focused fast-casual industries. These industries combined result in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue combined.

By combining a uniquely delicious and healthy product with an incredibly efficient business model focusing on low overhead, you'll have yourself one healthy bottom line.

A concept without hoods, ovens, or grills; just blenders and a freezer! You can enjoy the revenues and stability of the restaurant business, without the headaches!

We invested in an experienced team of franchise support professionals, offering an unparalleled guide to ensure our smoothie bowl franchise owners are successful. We have a full team ready to support your growth.

You don't have the expensive build-outs, high overhead or have to deal with the complexities of a traditional dine-in restaurant. Our model is simple to set up, easy to run, and can be supported by a small staff.

Many fast-casual franchise initial investments range between $500,000 to $1 million*. With our smoothie and fruit bowl franchise, your initial investment will be significantly less: On average, $200,000 or more*.

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Rush Bowls: The Choice Is Clear

Aesthetic acai bowl at Rush Bowls, a healthy restaurant franchise opportunity.

When it comes down to a decision between a start-up business and investing in a successful franchise, the choice is obvious. The recipe of success created by Rush Bowls has produced healthy numbers.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about investing your life savings, making rookie mistakes, or losing it all. We know what works and we are happy to share that information with you. We want all of our franchise locations to succeed and that is why we offer ongoing support.

If you choose Rush Bowls as your restaurant franchise opportunity , we will assist you with all training and opening procedures, marketing assistance and ongoing support. We also host regular meetings to keep all of our owners updated and in the loop.

For a fulfilling, profitable and tasty career, consider the health food franchise winner, Rush Bowls. Contact us today to learn more about Rush Bowls' top-rated franchise opportunity near you.

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