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As an entrepreneur, you’re already aware of the benefits of self-employment. You may wonder why you should choose Rush Bowls over your own venture? The simple answer is because it’s easier. Opening your own business requires lots of capital and plenty of experience. When you invest your money into a franchise like Rush Bowls, you’re investing into a proven concept.

This is a less risk-averse option and is great if you’re looking to save time and money. And there’s plenty of money to be made in a healthy food franchise like Rush Bowls when you consider just how much you can make. Exactly how much? Well, let’s take a look.

The Industries That Make Up Rush Bowls

Welcome to the Rush Bowls franchise opportunity! You want to know how much you’ll be making with Rush Bowls, so let’s not delay any further and get into what sorts of industries make up a franchise like Rush Bowls and what you can gain from them as a franchise owner:

Rush Bowls Owners are taking advantage of the huge healthy food franchise profit margins.

The Fast-Casual Dining Industry

Fast-casual restaurants are focused on serving quality food in a laid-back environment. This industry brings in $52 billion annually and the flexible business plan of Rush Bowls allows for investors to choose between a full dine-in establishment or a to-go counter.

Rush Bowls' healthy food franchise profit margins are some of the highest in the health food industry.

The Health Food Industry

The health food craze is here to stay as it tops the charts in bringing in $1 Trillion* annually. Consumers are increasingly turning away from greasy, unhealthy ingredients in favor of organic, fresh and healthy choices.

The acai berry industry is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Rush Bowls' healthy food franchise.

The Acai Berry Industry

Our favorite little berry, acai, accounts for $500 million annually. Since 2003, imports of this Amazon berry to the United States have exploded. Refreshing and nutritious, this palm tree berry is leading the acai franchise takeover with incredible healthy food franchise profit margins.

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Strong Economics

What does it mean to be at the center of three surging industries? Well, it’s clear to see that the money you can make with Rush Bowls franchise ownership is nothing to scoff at because as a franchise owner, you have so much opportunity to make a lot of profit! From the health food profits to the acai bowl business profit margins, juice and smoothie bars account for $2 billion annually! You can be sure that you’ll be enjoying many profits to come as the “meal-in-a-bowl” trend of thick, frozen acai bowl or smoothie topped with fresh fruits and granola has become increasingly popular. You know what you’ll be making, but what about what you’ll be putting in? Let’s take a look:

Your Initial Investment:

While other fast-casual restaurants may have you looking at a price tag of a $500,000 to $1 million*, Rush Bowls presents an industry-low startup cost. An average range of $200,000 - $545,000* covers everything you need to get started.

Franchise Fee:

The franchise fee of Rush Bowls is about $39,000. When you compare the franchise fee and the investment to the money you can be making, it’s not a bad deal!

Other Considerations:

2% goes into local marketing where you’ll experience name-recognition from the excellent existing business model and brand. There’s also 6% in royalties for Rush Bowls.

All you need to operate your Rush Bowls smoothie franchise is a few blenders and a freezer! With such simple operations, scaling into multiple locations has never been easier. When you invest into Rush Bowls, you’re part of the team and we offer assistance in everything from marketing to operations to help you succeed.

*Numbers obtained from our 2023 FDD

A Rush Bowls' healthy food franchise is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the low investment and high return.

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After learning all about what you’ll be investing into and winning, why not franchise with Rush Bowls? It’s an incredible acai bowl franchise with equally incredible healthy food franchise profit margins. All the money you earn will all be because of one powerful berry. How amazing is that? Our bowls and smoothies are naturally sweet and blended to perfection. Many other competitors add tons of sugar or artificial ingredients, but at Rush Bowls, we let the natural flavors speak for themselves. Our menu options contain no artificial ingredients or add-ins, just pure tropical fruit. Customers can also choose additional toppings like nuts for extra flavor, crunch, and protein!

While we understand the importance of both health and flavor, we also understand the importance of what business means to you. An investment into our franchise is an investment into health, customer happiness and various multimillion-dollar industries. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Contact us to learn more today!

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