How Much Do Acai Business Owners Make?

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Earning Potential

While consumers are excited about our bowls, entrepreneurs are excited about our proven business model. The earning potential with our business model is incredibly strong thanks to our low franchise fees, low buildout costs and unique products that cater to a $52 billion healthy fast casual restaurant industry. When you invest in a Rush Bowls franchise, your customers will be healthier and so will your wallet.

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Low Franchise Fee & Investment Costs

When considering investing in an acai business, the number one question on your mind will naturally be if your investment will be profitable. When you join our healthy food franchise, you own an acai business primed for success, success that has been proven over and over again with each new franchise that we help build. Our flexible, small store layouts allow Rush Bowls Franchise Owners to pay minimum real estate costs and our stores do not require expensive restaurant equipment such as ovens and hoods. The initial investment is drastically lower than most fast casuals that range between $500,00 and $1 million. Rush Bowl’s initial investment to get started is only $194,000 or more*.

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Our Franchise Owners achieve high profit margins by tapping into three surging industries, the $1 trillion health food industry, the $500 million acai berry industry, and the $384 million health-focused fast casual industry. The acai berry market alone is expected to hit the $2 billion mark by 2026, of that $1.8 billion is expected to come directly from the Food and Beverage segment of the market. When you combine a booming market with low overhead and start up and a uniquely delicious and healthy product, it’s easy to see how profitable your own Rush Bowls location could be!

"Holy wow so freakin' good!!! I inhaled entire bowl in less than five minutes. It was undoubtedly, the best Acai bowl I have ever enjoyed."


"My friend and I came here at 9am on a Saturday morning before hiking at the flat irons. I highly recommend the berry graham bowl. It is so delicious and tasty!!! A perfect refreshing breakfast! I wish I could eat one everyday. Please open a location in Houston, TX I will be your best customer and am interested in investing in a franchise!"


"Like a smoothie, but also like granola and yogurt a Rush Bowl is the perfect combination of blended fruit, granola and honey. It is a delicious treat that I get absurd cravings for at random times. My favorite is the lemon squeeze bowl."


How well does the Smoothie King Franchise fit the “healthy food franchise” model?

The answer may surprise you! Numerous articles address the fact that the Smoothie King franchise is far (very far) from healthy. They have a menu that contains items full of ice cream, added sugars, and mystery “juice blends”- three things that you normally don’t associate with the phrase “healthy food franchise.” Smoothie King franchise is like the fast food equivalent of the health food industry. Any customers that are looking for a true healthy food franchise experience may have some issues with Smoothie King’s menu.

…and Playa Bowls Franchise?

Playa Bowls does better than Smoothie King, but there is no way to be sure about the quality of their ingredients. Due to a lack of transparency with the Playa Bowls franchise, it’s nearly impossible to know about the quality of their ingredients. In fact, the only available information about the Playa Bowls franchise menu ingredients is, “nutritional info coming soon!” This can be something of a red flag for someone looking to invest in a true healthy food franchise opportunity.”