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Area Franchise Development: What to Know

Many lifelong entrepreneurs, ambitious Franchise Owners, and savvy businesspeople eventually consider whether owning multiple units in one territory, otherwise known as area franchise development, would make an exciting next step in their career. In order to make this decision and pinpoint the right area development franchise for your goals, it’s important to understand the details of these agreements.

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What is it?

Area franchise development involves a contractual agreement between a Franchise Owner and a franchise. This agreement will outline a plan for the Franchise Owner to develop multiple franchise locations within a specified territory. This differs from other multi-unit franchise plans because, while all Franchise Owners can eventually decide to open multiple locations, area franchise developers enter the contract with plans for multiple locations from the very start. This arrangement is a larger commitment, but comes with many benefits for the Franchise Owner.

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Why Own One?

For some, the idea of owning an area development franchise may sound too risky. After all, this structure does lock the Franchise Owner into a contract to open various locations. Choosing a franchise with low demand, a shaky business model, or a lack of training and support could have serious negative impacts.

On the other hand, working with a thriving and supportive franchise such as Rush Bowls offers many benefits, including the following.

  • Exclusivity

    While some Franchise Owners eventually grow into multi-unit owners, others who wait to expand may lose out on the opportunity. Other Franchise Owners in the area may open additional locations, taking away the demand for you to do so.

    With area development, Franchise Owners have exclusive rights to develop and operate franchise units within their defined geographic territory. This means you can be more strategic about how and when to open each new location without worrying that your territory will become too saturated before you can do so. This allows Franchise Owners to expand their footprint without competition.

  • Expanded Revenue Potential

    Operating multiple franchise units gives Franchise Owners higher earning potential. Economies of scale come into play with each additional location, and some fees and royalties may decrease with area development contracts.

    With complete control over the locations in your region, you can provide consistency for your customers and build a portfolio of thriving business units. This provides a strong opportunity for long-term equity and wealth.

  • Streamlined Processes

    Area franchise developers can quickly streamline processes across locations, which reduces operational costs and further contributes to increased revenue potential. In addition to being more profitable, this streamlining brings more ease into the Franchise Owner role as each unit builds on the work and processes of the others.

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Rush Bowls Could Be The Right Fit For You!

With now 19 years of experience, Rush Bowls has managed to cultivate a fiercely loyal following. Through perfecting the menu and proprietary recipes, processes, vendor relations and marketing practices we have developed a prosperous acai bowl business model. Specific visions guide our organic food franchise and the entrepreneurs with whom we want to partner in order to drive continued success.

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Area Development with Rush Bowls

While not every area development franchise opportunity is created equal, partnering with the right franchise to embark on this business journey can lead to exciting returns. With Rush Bowls, area franchise developers benefit from the following:

  • Comprehensive training and support. An experienced team of franchise support professionals is available to guide all Franchise Owners in their growth.

  • A thriving industry. Sitting at the intersection of the $1 trillion health food industry and the $394 million health-focused fast casual food industry, Rush Bowls Franchise Owners enjoy constantly-growing demand.

  • Simple operations. Each location only needs blenders and a freezer, which keeps expansion simple and overhead low.

  • Brand recognition. Franchise Owners can leverage the strong branding and marketing presence that Rush Bowls has been building for years instead of starting from scratch.

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Becoming An Area Development Franchise Owner

An area development franchise can be an exciting opportunity for Franchise Owners seeking to expand their portfolio. Benefits such as exclusivity, expanded revenue potential, and streamlined processes make this a lucrative choice for the right individuals. Think you’re a good fit? Contact us today to learn more!

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