The Best Multi-Unit Franchises

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Multi-Unit Franchises

If you’re ready to level up in your entrepreneurial journey, consider a multi-unit franchise. Multi-unit franchises allow Franchise Owners to grow and scale their business, providing consistency in their community and upscaling their earning potential. Learn how to identify opportunities for the best multi-unit franchises.

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What is a Multi-Unit Franchise?

Multi-unit franchise refers to a business model in which Franchise Owners can own and operate multiple franchise locations within their territory. Because Franchise Owners with Rush Bowls can choose to operate on a semi-absentee model, they can step into a management and oversight role. In this case, Franchise Owners hire managers for hands-on tasks at each unit or location.

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Why Own a Multi-Unit Franchise?

When done well, multi-unit franchises offer benefits including:

  • Higher income potential
  • Greater diversity of income
  • Reduced costs through resource sharing between units
  • A dependable experience for customers throughout the territory
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Rush Bowls Could Be The Right Fit For You!

With now 19 years of experience, Rush Bowls has managed to cultivate a fiercely loyal following. Through perfecting the menu and proprietary recipes, processes, vendor relations and marketing practices we have developed a prosperous acai bowl business model. Specific visions guide our organic food franchise and the entrepreneurs with whom we want to partner in order to drive continued success.

If you’re interested in healthy eating and the professional benefits of self-employment, Rush Bowls is the smoothie franchise opportunity you have been waiting for. Join today!

Our yummy fruit bowls support a healthy lifestyle - and our corporate team will support the growth of your franchise!

How to Spot the Best Multi-Unit Franchises

While becoming a Franchise Owner of a multi-unit franchise can be an excellent business decision, it’s important to decipher which opportunities will set you up for the potential you’re searching for. Keep these factors in mind when looking.

Rush Bowls is one of the best multi-unit franchises because of potential growth for your career.
Market Demand

Market demand is the first aspect to consider as you search for the right multi-unit franchise opportunity. Is the franchise within an industry where demand is keeping up with the variety of offerings on the market?

Rush Bowls falls within the $1 trillion health food industry, the $500 million acai berry industry, and the $384 million health-focused fast-casual industry. These metrics mean there is plenty of demand for Rush Bowls restaurants!

Growth Potential

On top of current demand, it’s essential to consider the ongoing growth potential for a multi-unit franchise opportunity. This will likely involve local research into the market you are considering entering. If you notice there is potential for more units within your territory, this may be an excellent fit for a multi-unit franchise!

You’ll also want to consider whether demand is increasing or decreasing. Due to societal changes such as a focus on personal health and a demand for faster dining options and “grab-and-go” meals, demand for businesses like Rush Bowls is only growing stronger.

Business Model

Using your expertise and past business experience to analyze whether a franchise operates with a sustainable business model can help you decide whether to become a Franchise Owner. For example, do high overhead costs make it difficult to see profits? Will expanding to more units cost more than it’s worth? Does each location require expensive equipment?

Franchise Owners with Rush Bowls benefit from negotiable lease terms, a flexible footprint, and low overhead. The only equipment needed at each location is a blender and a freezer! This model allows for smoother expansion and higher earning potential.


No matter what stage of your entrepreneurial journey you’re in, everyone needs support and training when they dive into a new opportunity. Rush Bowls offers training and support to help every Franchise Owner fulfill their potential.

Brand Identity

Finally, how much up-front marketing and brand-building will you need to complete? One of the benefits of becoming a Franchise Owner is that, ideally, you’re joining in on an already-successful brand. However, some franchises don’t have a lot of brand recognition, so they require just as much work as a new business would. Rush Bowls has been around for years and has built up a dedicated following of happy customers who quickly recognize the brand.

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Becoming a Franchise Owner

The key to fulfilling your potential is to select the business that works for your needs and goals. Becoming a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls opens up a world of opportunity in a thriving industry.

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