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The health and wellness food market is in the midst of substantial growth, which is a positive indicator of the profitability of businesses in the industry. While packaged and processed foods were the norm a decade ago, now individuals are reaching for foods that offer increased health benefits. The combination of increased education and awareness around nutrition with the new attention to health and immunity brought on by the global pandemic has brought healthy food choices into the limelight. We’ve rounded up some key healthy food market statistics to help you determine whether investing in a health food franchise is right for you.

Growth in the Health Food Industry Healthy Food Market Statistics

Analysts currently observe an accelerating rate of growth in the health food industry. This trend is occurring in North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. The health food industry encompasses a variety of products and businesses, from organic whole foods to gluten-free packaged products to protein-rich snacks. Diet trends like keto, alongside renewed health awareness due to the global pandemic, have only accelerated the popularity of healthy foods. From supermarkets to fast-casual restaurants, businesses throughout the food industry are coming up with initiatives to promote healthy food choices and make the most of the trend.

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Rush Bowls is situated in an explosive industry - learn more with these healthy food market statistics.

Healthy Food Market Statistics

While the societal shift toward healthy eating is easy to observe anecdotally, various data points and predictions correlate with this substantial growth for the industry. For example, while 49% of shoppers followed a diet or health-related wellness program in 2018, 64% do so today. The span of just four years has brought about extreme growth in this area.

This rising demand prompts experts to make strong predictions about the healthy food market. The Health and Wellness Foods Report has found that the health and wellness food market will see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3% between 2022 and 2029. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by $362.15 billion by 2025. This data suggests that, while the industry is strong, it will only continue to grow in the coming years.

Opening a Health Food Restaurant

Thanks to the ongoing popularity and the expected growth of the health food industry demonstrated by these healthy food market statistics, health food industry profitability is at a record high. Now is an excellent time to open a health food restaurant. Consumers are seeking fast, convenient, healthy food options more than ever before. There simply aren’t enough dining options to fulfill that demand in most locations. This lends itself to excellent opportunities for profitable health food restaurants.

Opening a restaurant from scratch requires in-depth marketing and business planning strategy. Investing in a franchise opportunity allows for plenty of creativity and control without the burden of making every single decision alone and building a brand from the ground. Becoming a Franchise Owner of a healthy food restaurant is a smart way to take advantage of the explosive market with the support and tools of a tried and true business to back you up.

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Become a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls

Becoming a Franchise Owner in the health food industry is a great way to act on the strong data and the expert predictions surrounding the health food market. However, choosing the best franchise for your needs and goals is essential, even in a strong market.

Franchise Owners with Rush Bowls become part of not only the thriving health food industry but also the surging $500 million acai berry industry and the $384 million health-focused fast casual industry. This positioning allows Franchise Owners to benefit from the growth and high demand of all three of these booming industries while enjoying the simple operation and flexible footprint embedded in the Rush Bowls business design.

Plus, those with an entrepreneurial spirit but little experience can lean on the dedicated team of support professionals. Becoming a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls is the ideal way to take advantage of the thriving health food industry. Get started today!

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