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Becoming a Franchise Owner will always require an upfront investment. With the right support and strategy, this investment has the potential to turn into a life-changing profit. Suppose you’re weighing the potential multi-unit franchise cost across different businesses. In that case, it may be tempting to take the first number you see at face value and opt for what appears to be the lowest-cost franchise.

However, savvy Franchise Owners know various important aspects play a role in the cost of franchise ownership. Learn about the variety of investment costs associated with opening a franchise location.

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Weighing Costs of Franchise Ownership

There are various costs to consider as you analyze the overall investment required for franchise ownership. Weigh your options by taking the complete picture into account. Costs to account for in your analysis include:

  • Initial investment
  • Franchise Fee
  • Costs of Necessary Equipment and Inventory
  • Royalty Precentage
  • Brand Marketing Contributions
  • Training and Support Fees
  • Marketing Costs

Potential Franchise Owners must dive deeply into each potential franchise opportunity to fully understand the costs and investments associated with them. While one franchise may require a lower franchise fee than another, it may also charge a much higher royalty percentage or require payment for all training. Taking all potential costs into account and weighing them against the potential profits is the best way to choose the most lucrative path.

Don’t stop at the initial investment figures or the franchise fee to determine the best use for your multi-unit franchise investment. Instead, gather all the facts and figures and consider the potential for growth and profit. In addition to understanding the investment itself, it’s essential to weigh the possibility of success between one franchise and the next. This may include elements such as available training, ongoing support, marketing materials, brand recognition and more.

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Investing in Rush Bowls Franchise Ownership and Multi-unit Franchise Cost

An investment in Rush Bowls is an investment in the $1 trillion health food industry, the $221 billion Better-For-You food industry, and the $500 million acai berry industry. Fast-casual dining shows a steady rise in demand each year, which shows no signs of slowing. The surging demand for these businesses means a ripe opportunity for growth and profit for Franchise Owners.

As you weigh your investment options, comparing the numbers is a helpful first step. The investment associated with opening a Rush Bowls location requires:

  • $39,000 Franchise Fee, which can cover a single or a multi-unit franchise investment
  • $199,800+ initial investment
  • 2% brand marketing contribution
  • 6% royalty

Rush Bowls believes in transparency and simplicity. Franchise Owners should have a complete picture of the multi-unit franchise cost before deciding to invest in this business. Understanding the numbers above can help business-savvy individuals determine whether becoming a Franchise Owner with Rush Bowls is the right next step for them.

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Rush Bowls Could Be The Right Fit For You!

With now 19 years of experience, Rush Bowls has managed to cultivate a fiercely loyal following. Through perfecting the menu and proprietary recipes, processes, vendor relations and marketing practices we have developed a prosperous acai bowl business model. Specific visions guide our organic food franchise and the entrepreneurs with whom we want to partner in order to drive continued success.

If you’re interested in healthy eating and the professional benefits of self-employment, Rush Bowls is the smoothie franchise opportunity you have been waiting for. Join today!

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Rush Bowls makes this investment worthwhile through outstanding support and the opportunity to benefit from a growing industry. Using a simplified operations model, Rush Bowls makes franchising and expanding as easy as possible. With outstanding site flexibility, Franchise Owners can operate out of schools, hospitals, office buildings and more, with no need for a hood or oven. All you need is a freezer and blenders!

Additionally, Rush Bowls provides world-class support for Franchise Owners with a whole team of franchise support professionals ready to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for your first franchise opportunity or your fifth, Rush Bowls sets up all Franchise Owners for success with helpful and relevant support at every turn. Eliminate the guesswork and tap into a thriving industry. Get started today!

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